BROLIS HerdLine product line

Developed by Brolis Sensor Technology

Brolis Sensor Technology is a high-tech company that designs and manufactures next generation infrared laser sensor systems that can be used in various fields. Our organization is part of the BROLIS group, which was founded in 2011 and later split into separate companies based on specific fields of application.
Paupio st. 50, Vilnius, Lithuania
Moletu pl. 73, Vilnius, Lithuania

The BROLIS story

Brolis Sensor Technology is part of the BROLIS group of companies, which was established in 2011 by the three Vizbaras brothers – Augustinas, Kristijonas and Dominykas – who had earlier split from the elite Walter Schottky Institute in Germany to form the Vilnius-based, BROLIS group. Soon after it was reorganized into separate companies based on specific fields of application, and in 2019 Brolis Sensor Technology was established.

In 2012, BROLIS received seed funding for an advanced production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. Building on its early success, in 2015 the Group won the support of a number of large, trusted investors, replacing a venture capital fund and reinforcing the company’s commitment to becoming a vertically integrated manufacturer.

With its strong position in the international market, advanced infrastructure, and outstanding engineering and scientific staff, growth has been dynamic and sustained. BROLIS has received various awards for its cutting-edge solutions and innovation, and continues to expand both its infrastructure and workforce.