In-line Milk analyzer

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Why BROLIS HerdLine?

By detecting diseases and improving the quality of milk produced by your dairy cows, BROLIS HerdLine delivers greater control and oversight over your dairy herd. It’s also a powerful diagnostic tool that can help to improve selection of your most profitable cows.

Now you’ll be able to make decisions that increase farm productivity through improved milk quality, detect early stages of disease, and – significantly – reduce business inputs, boosting productivity and profitability.

Real-Time continuous monitoring of:

Features and benefits

Helps to improve milk quality
BROLIS HerdLine continuously monitors raw milk by measuring fat, protein and lactose content. Historical and real-time data allows you to identify possible nutritional patterns in the cow. By changing the composition of feed, you can improve the quality of milk and increase its fat, protein and other dry matter content.
Detects early stages of disease
BROLIS HerdLine is a unique solution that helps to maintain the health of your dairy herd. Knowing the ratio of fat-to-protein promotes early detection of acidosis or ketosis. Electrical conductivity and lactose analysis alerts you to the risk of clinical or subclinical mastitis. Early diagnosis of diseases will reduce cow morbidity and veterinary costs.
Provides data for cow selection
The efficiency and sustainability of dairy farms depend heavily on the genetics of the cattle. BROLIS HerdLine provides you with the data needed to make decisions on genetic selection that yield the highest quality milk and breed cows with fewer health issues.

Technological advantage 

No milk sampling
No additional reagents
Automated cleaning procedure
Easy installation
Remote monitoring
Greenhouse gas emissions ⇩

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    Getting started

    Initial consultation

    First, we take a look at the infrastructure on your farm to determine compatibility of our in-line milk analyzers with your existing milking equipment in order to maintain milk production without unnecessary interruptions.

    BROLIS HerdLine is compatible with a wide range of milking parlours:
    Milking robots
    Milking robots
    Setup and data collection

    We install the BROLIS HerdLine analyzer in each milking stall or milking robot on the line that carries the milk. We test the system to ensure everything works according to specification. Before long, your milking schedule will soon yield information-rich data that’s needed to run a modern farming operation.

    View user friendly information

    You can view the summarized information about the health and productivity of your dairy herd on your computer screen, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, data can also be transferred to other farm software.

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    In-line milk analyzer